Facebook Died Again…540 Million Users Data Exposed Out

Facebook new data leak

Facebook is still at the heart of a controversy related to the security of user data.

More than 150 GB of data, credentials, passwords and other private information leaked. This is a new big scandal that Facebook is currently facing. While Mark Zuckerberg recently released its guidelines for a safer Internet, still 540 million users are potentially affected by this new data leak.

Stored in public and presumably without any cloud protection on Amazon S3 servers, researchers at UpGuard have shed light on this data leak. Facebook quickly confirmed the information, before stating that the flaw had been solved, in collaboration with Amazon.

According to the blue media, it is two developers of third-party applications who made the origin of this leak. The latter would indeed have stored the information of millions of users on Amazon public servers without any measure of protection. UpGuard has been able to download nearly 150 GB of files from two publishers in particular: Cultura Colectiva, a Mexican company, and At The Pool, a former game offered by Facebook.

If Facebook wont stop this leak, then major social networks will face severe attacks. Anyhow, global media is already predicted the end of Facebook by 2020.

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