Facebook Confirms To Unite Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram In One Platform

Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp will unite

With a renewed commitment to privacy, Mark Zuckerberg announced important changes in view for all the messaging apps. Right now, users of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are separated by “barriers” made up of the apps themselves. In the near future, all this will change, and it will be possible to reach your contacts from any of these three apps. Later, this possibility will also be extended to text messages.

There will be an optional option, of course: no one will force you to link your accounts in this way. And let’s also assume that it will be possible to unlink the various accounts if we wanted to do so. Obviously, Zuckerberg enhances the advantages deriving from this practice, both in terms of privacy and safety. For example, text messages can be encrypted end-to-end. In this way, the sender and the recipient can communicate from their favorite apps.

Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg

Till date, it is already possible to receive SMS via Messenger on Android, and in the future, Facebook would like to extend this further with RCS support. However, this will only be possible on Android, since Apple does not allow third-party apps to interact with text messages on iPhones. There are however several security issues to be solved before implementing something similar, but the line drawn by Zuckerberg seems clear. It will take some time and it will not come as a surprise, because such a union will certainly provoke ample discussions.

During the F8 2019 conference, Facebook reiterated that its messaging apps will be “interchangeable”. But there are still no precise details or dates on the subject. In other words, the wait may still be weeks if not months.

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