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Everything You Need To Know About eSIM. How eSIM Works?


As you all know e-SIM became popular overnight once Apple launched its new iPhones with so-called eSIM support which makes them first ever dual sim supportable iPhones.

Apple launched its new phones iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs MAX and iPhone Xr with eSIM support in many countries including US and India. Before Apple used eSIM support in their wearable smartwatches.

First, let’s understand what a SIM is? and What exactly it contains?

SIM actually acts as a Subscriber Identity Module and the memory of a SIM contains identity information about mobile and mobile owner. Each SIM card holds a unique ID number called ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) which is of 20 characters. Card also holds a SIM number and some security details. The users will have access to two security codes, the first one is your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and the second one is the PUK (Personal Unblocking Code) which helps in unlocking the PIN.

These all things will be present in each SIM that everyone uses all over the world. Every SIM also contains some sort of memory ranging from 8 KB to 256 KB which helps you to store some personal contacts right inside the SIM.

Now let’s talk about e-SIM…

Let’s Understand About eSIM

eSIM is nothing but an Electronic-SIM which cannot be removed or replaced from the mobile but it has got some great advantages (discussed below). e-SIM is directly embedded into your mobile chip by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). So eSIM is kind of universal, you can switch to any plans of any carriers which provides e-SIM support (cool right!!) but you can use one at a time.

How Does eSIM Works?



eSIM is only used for those carriers who support the e-SIM feature. If your mobile supports e-SIM, then you can get the service from the carriers but instead of giving the physical SIM chip they will provide the QR code and a confirmation code to start with.

You just have to go to setting scan the QR code and you’re ready (so simple!!). Another amazing thing is through e-SIM you can opt for more than one carrier but you can use only one at a given time.

e-SIM works exactly as same as SIM but e-SIMs aren’t physical. Through e-SIM, you can receive and make calls, messages, and MMS without any compromising.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and Disadvantages of eSIM. In simple pros and cons.

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Pros of eSIM

  • It eliminates SIM card trays and makes the design of Mobile thin and sleek
  • Users can opt for more than one carriers (telecom operators)
  • Users can switch between different carriers with a click of a button without any physical SIM cards
  • Universally compatible with wide range of Telecom Operators
  • Travelers and tourists can quickly switch to local operators to reduce cost
  • These can be fit into smaller devices like smartwatches.

Cons of eSIM

  • The main thing is the Security. What if hackers can hack into our eSIM and can call using our phone (feels miserable)
  • No exact process to transfer e-SIM from one smartphone to another if the first one breaks
  • Not all telecom operators support the e-SIM feature at this time
  • This is not for someone who changes the smartphone now and then

These cons are not that big but these are considered for a smoother use and wider audience perspective.

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Future of eSIM

esim future

As I said e-SIM can fit into any smaller devices and can be embedded into any devices within the chip without any much space requirements. So we can think that every electronic device in the coming years will be incorporated with eSIM.

In the coming years, not just a smartphones and smartwatches support eSIM but we can expect Laptops, tablets, drones, and also many IoT devices to join the club of e-SIM.

I can say, it’s nearly a revolutionary feature to have in our electronic devices which keeps everything in connected in a much simpler and a perfect way.

Let me know your views on this eSIM in the below comment section…


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