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DrugSafe | A Fake Drug Detector App Created By Bengaluru Students


As we all know that there are many fake drugs or medicines in the market through which seller gets more benefits. When these fake medicines entering the patient’s blood then instead of treatment, the medicines harm patients. Nobody takes care of this in previous time but recently, Bengaluru students create an app for detecting the fake medicines and drugs. This idea helps many peoples and according to the report, half of the drugs are fake. This happens by three Bengaluru students. When the world’s no. 1 Microsoft company saw the effort of these guys then they decided to give the prize of Rs. 10 lakhs.

How they get the idea of an app?

The three students of RV College of Engineering got an idea of making this app because one of their friends was admitted in Hospital of Bengaluru and he was not recovered from the medicines even they take medicines on a regular interval of time. The name of the students is Pratik Mohapatra, Chidroop I, and Srihari HS who got an idea of creating the DrugSafe app.

These students found that the medicines which sold in India are 50% fake. They took the huge step towards changing India from this app. They want to stop this illegal trade. So reminding all these things, again and again, they start making an app and got a huge success.

Microsoft held a competition in Redmond, US for the peoples who discovered new things. The competition named as Imagine Cup World Championship. They participated in the competition and got a big prize money of $15,000. They named this drug detector app as ‘DrugSafe’. After they won, Microsoft said that DrugSafe is very useful for detecting the fake drugs and for verifying the medicines.

Working of DrugSafe

Every medicine has its own barcode. DrugSafe scans the barcode and every single detail through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and detects that the medicines are fake or original. They use the latest technologies in the app like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and some others. Wait! this is not enough. When this app detects the fake apps then they send the medicine details to the authority via “Querla” which is very powerful chatbot. The authority then takes action towards the manufacturer. The app will launch in several coming days.

Basically, Imagine Cup is a competition for the peoples who make innovative and helpful apps. This championship is held every year and this year, approximately 50 colleges participated in this competition from which three or four were selected and DrugSafe won the Imagine Cup.

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