Does Telegram Entered Cryptocurrency: Concept Video Leaked

Telegram cryptocurrency

Gram, the cryptocurrency of Telegram, developed on the platform blockchain TON (Telegram Open Network), seems to be under development, including fundraising, personal archives, and confirmations from animals.

After some period of flat calm, a new video has appeared on the net that would show Gram and its possibilities of use. In the video, in particular, you can see how Gram can be used for the payment services or for sending donations. It doesn’t show other areas of use, but these are the ones that have been shown.

The payment procedure seems to be extremely intuitive , and, as seen at minute 1:25, may not only stop at Gram, but also at other currencies. In any case, obviously security is at the center of everything: before sending a payment it is necessary to go through a fingerprint scan. Let’s watch the video below:

In short, could this be Gram’s final implementation? Probably not. The author is a Russian user Marat Kharrasov (@maratkharr), who created the concept and sent it to the @design_bot bot, which deals with collecting improvements for the Telegram graphics.

But why are we talking about it? As this video goes on viral, the concept is appreciated by many users and came directly to the ears of Telegram. For this Telegram appreciated the idea and sent a prize of $ 5,000 to the guy behind. In short, Telegram might have liked this concept so much that we could think of adopting it in the future. Do you like it?

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