Cloudflare Finally Launches Its VPN Service Called WARP

Cloudflare WARP VPN

Cloudflare, an Internet services company, developing services focused on the smartphones of the average consumer. During the past year, they launched their own DNS service ( And at the beginning of April 2019, they presented a new VPN service called WARP, with the idea of ​​having it available for everyone.

But the months have passed, Cloudflare postponed its launch for various reasons. In addition, they want to offer a service which does not reduce the performance of smartphones, this might be the reason for the delay. Now, the company is finally launched its own VPN service, which is now available for all Android and iOS users in its two modes. WARP, which is the free version, and WARP + is the paid version that offers higher speed.

Cloudflare WARP

In both modes, there are no bandwidth limits or other limitations. The company wanted to compensate waiting users to test the service by offering 10 GB of capacity for WARP+. Although users can earn 1GB of WARP+ for each referred friend who registers in the service, also getting him 1GB of WARP+ free.

From Cloudflare, they explain the pitfalls they have had to overcome in order to offer a decent VPN service. Also revealed the reason why WARP + has a cost, it is because they used the Argo routing network that generated costs for them. So, in order to cover these costs, WARP + will be priced at $ 4.99 or less per month, which will vary in each region.

In addition, they point out that WARP is technically a VPN but designed for a public other than traditional VPNs. Since it will not allow access to geo-restring content or hide users’ IP. Also urging those who want high-security protection, opt for traditional VPNs or use the Tor network.

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