Chrome 77 Coming To Desktop And Android: New Color Themes And Send Pages From Desktop To Mobile

Chrome 77

Google Chrome 77, the latest version that is released today on desktop platforms and in the coming weeks to Android and iOS. This is a very interesting update, with several additional customization options and the possibility of sending web pages to the mobile and vice versa.

New Welcome Assistant

One of the new features of Google Chrome 77 is its new simple theme editor, with which you can easily change the color of its interface. Although this news is not a default, it is very easy to enable it by activating some flags in your options.

The first time you open the new Chrome 77 with a new user account – or if you just installed it for the first time – you will be welcomed by a new configuration wizard. It guides you through the process of personalizing the browser. The assistant has three sections

  • Add to Google bookmarks applications such as Gmail, YouTube
  • Choose wallpaper for new open tabs.
  • Sign in with Google account.

New Tab Options

Talking on customization, Google Chrome 77 focuses on giving you more control over what is shown in the new open tabs and their design. Now, although it was expected that this feature would be activated in the stable version. For now, it is necessary to set the flag as activated chrome://flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2 to see the change.

This new interface gives you more customization options for the new tabs, with the option to hide the shortcuts or choose between two types. Shortcuts chose manually by you or the most visited websites. This menu is also used to choose various color themes.

Simple Theme Editor

The above two sections related to the new Google Chrome theme creator. It is not activated by default at the moment, although it is fully functional. For the option to appear, you must set these two flags to be activated: chrome://flags/#chrome-colors-custom-color-pickery chrome://flags/#chrome-colors.

From a new tab, by clicking on the pencil icon, you will be shown the customization window. Now with the additional option Color and theme. A series of color combinations ready to be used in the Chrome interface is shown. And by tapping on the first option you can choose a custom color.

Sends Pages To Mobile

The very interesting feature of Chrome 77 is the ability to send pages to other devices. Although Google synchronizes open tabs between devices, this new method is more proactive, by sending a website to another device, which receives a notification.

In the Desktop version, you can access with a right-click on a tab, then choose to Send to your devices. In the mobile version, it is done from the Share menu of the system, choosing to Send to your devices, and then choose the device from a list. The page does not open instantly, but you must click on the notification to open it.

Security Fixes

Pretty sure, the new version comes with a good amount of security fixes. There are a total of 52 security patches, one of them critical, eight of high priority, 17 of medium priority and the rest of low impact.

No Certified Indicator

Until now, some pages had an external validation certificate next to the lock icon. For example, in the case of PayPal showed PayPal Inc [US]. Now, this indicator disappears, simply changing to the lock icon. However, if you wish you can see the additional information by clicking on the lock icon, in the Certificate section.

These are the major features that one can experience from New Chrome 77. Hope, you like this like and pls drop your comments in below section.

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