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Chinese City Gets a Mobile-Walking Lane So You Can Text Without Worrying About Cars


You see them consistently, all over the place. Stuck to their gadgets, these people on foot are caught up with messaging, watching recordings or playing versatile recreations on their cell phones.

So made up for lost time in their own particular world, they appear to be unmindful of what is around them – stairs, different walkers or, more terrible, approaching movement.

Drivers are by all account not the only ones who are diverted by their telephones. People on foot are similarly blameworthy of messaging while at the same time utilizing the streets and putting their lives in danger.

Cell phone addicts in Belgian city are given uncommon “content strolling paths” so they won’t catch different walkers while messaging on the jog.


A Belgian city has concocted an answer for the issue of walkers chancing upon other individuals while sending instant messages from their cell phones.

Antwerp has given cell phone clients their own particular assigned paths, where they can walk while messaging or taking a gander at their mobiles without bothering or imperilling others.


The thin passages are stamped ‘content strolling path’ in English on various occupied person on foot shopping boulevards in the downtown area.

In Chongqing, China, with a level of reality that presently can’t seem to be resolved, the city specialists have assigned a 30 meter (100ft) “cell phone path” for individuals who utilize their telephones while strolling. “In the first place cell phone walkways in China,” announces a notice beside it.In actuality, the Chongqing telephone path is by all accounts right around an immediate duplicate of one that was painted on to eighteenth Street, Washington DC, in July. The Washington form was made for an analysis into swarm conduct by the National Geographic TV channel. Which is a piece of information that the reality of the Chinese variant might be underneath 100%

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