CC Search: 300 Million Royalty Free Images

creative commons search engine

Are you looking for free royalty images every time, then you probably know about Creative Commons licenses. These allow you to use the creation of an author, free of charge but respecting the conditions imposed by it in the license. In some cases, commercial uses are prohibited, in others, you only need to mention the author and the license. Sometimes you do not have the right to edit the artwork.

It’s been a while since the Creative Commons Foundation is working on a search engine that allows license users to easily find reusable images. And a few days ago, this search engine called CC Search is finally out of its beta.

CC Search Will Grow With Time

Currently, the 300 million images indexed by the Creative Commons search engine come from 19 collections drawn by APIs, including collections from museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The index also includes works from Flickr and platforms like Behance or DeviantArt. This does not include the content of popular image banks like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.


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