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Xiaomi brevette

Xiaomi Patents A Smartphone With Quadruple Edge Display

Xiaomi is always looking for ways to innovate in the mobile market, showing that its devices are not not copies of global brands such as Apple. The Chinese company's...
Telegram cryptocurrency

Does Telegram Entered Cryptocurrency: Concept Video Leaked

Gram, the cryptocurrency of Telegram, developed on the platform blockchain TON (Telegram Open Network), seems to be under development, including fundraising, personal archives, and confirmations from animals.
Samsung Galaxy A80 with sliding and rotating camera

Galaxy A80: Samsung Hits Hard With Sliding And Rotating Camera

Sliding smartphones and rotating smartphones are already known….. But today, Samsung hits hard by officializing the Galaxy A80 which by the combination of these two designs. As you can...
Best Smartphones In October 2018

Top 3 Best Smartphones In October 2018 That Surprised Everyone

Hello, I came back again bringing you the Best smartphones in October 2018 that blow everyone. We already know that October is completely fulfilled with silicon valley annual events. Now, I'm gonna...
samsung galaxy s9

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 In 2018

Welcome back to our brand new tech blog.This is the finest day after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. It's been more than a week, after its release, still, people are...

Chinese City Gets a Mobile-Walking Lane So You Can Text Without Worrying About Cars

You see them consistently, all over the place. Stuck to their gadgets, these people on foot are caught up with messaging, watching recordings or playing versatile recreations on their cell phones. So...

DrugSafe | A Fake Drug Detector App Created By Bengaluru Students

As we all know that there are many fake drugs or medicines in the market through which seller gets more benefits. When these fake medicines entering the patient's blood then instead...
Facebook new data leak

Facebook Died Again…540 Million Users Data Exposed Out

Facebook is still at the heart of a controversy related to the security of user data. More than 150 GB of data, credentials, passwords and other...
whatsapp latest news

WhatsApp Refuses To Encrypt All Correspondence

To exchange any information through the Internet is extremely dangerous because sometimes even the most secure channels can be vulnerable. As it became known, in the near future the messenger WhatsApp...
iPhone Z apple first foldable concept

iPhone Z: The Concept Of Apple’s First Foldable Smartphone

The Russian company Caviar, known for selling custom and ultra-expensive iPhone models, has just shared a concept that should excite fans of Apple's line of smartphones.