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hotel technologies 2019

Technology In Hotels: From Smart Bands To Chatbots

Hotels are one of the sectors that adapt quickly to new technologies, always with the aim of increasing customer safety, reducing risks and reducing costs, and for this, they...

How Oppo Find X’s Camera Slider Works?

  Oppo has authoritatively declared the Find X, another top of the line Android cell phone that highlights next to zero bezels and it doesn't have a score. The Oppo Find X...
Xiaomi mi 9 features out

Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition Has 12 GB Of RAM And Game Turbo Features

Now we all came to know about Xiaomi Mi 9. This weekend the company society has unveiled a real mountain of details about its top of the range: the...
upcoming smartphones 2019 in india

What Will Surprise In 2019: The Most Anticipated Smartphones Next Year

The pace of evolution of smartphones evolving so quickly, there is always something waiting behind the scenes. As soon as you have seen the last smartphone, there is anticipation...
Telegram cryptocurrency

Does Telegram Entered Cryptocurrency: Concept Video Leaked

Gram, the cryptocurrency of Telegram, developed on the platform blockchain TON (Telegram Open Network), seems to be under development, including fundraising, personal archives, and confirmations from animals.
How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

Finally, Whatsapp integrated stickers feature in its beta version and very soon comes to Playstore. You can download this Whatsapp beta version here and it is available on both Android and...
Whatsapp updated beta version

WhatsApp Will Integrate Two Hidden Features In Upcoming Beta version

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application in the world, wants to continue improving the security of its platform and, for that reason, is testing fingerprint authentication in Android....
Wi-Fi 6 arrives 2019

WiFi 6 Arrives…Speed Factor Reaches 1.2GB Per Second

Throughout 2019 we can enjoy the advantages and possibilities of WIFI 6. Do you know what it is and what are its improvements for companies and Internet users? Learn...
Mi Band Maps

Google Maps reaches the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the Amazfit Bip

I found a new app in the Play Store, and it's Mi Band Maps. This lightweight app comes with a very interesting premise, which is to give the possibility...
iPhone Z apple first foldable concept

iPhone Z: The Concept Of Apple’s First Foldable Smartphone

The Russian company Caviar, known for selling custom and ultra-expensive iPhone models, has just shared a concept that should excite fans of Apple's line of smartphones.