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Snap Games from Snapchat

Snapchat Launches Snap Games, New Multiplayer Gaming Platform

Snap Group today presents Snap Games, its new real-time multiplayer gaming platform. The latter gives access to home titles offered by famous publishers such as Game Closure, PikPok, Spry...
Facebook new data leak

Facebook Died Again…540 Million Users Data Exposed Out

Facebook is still at the heart of a controversy related to the security of user data. More than 150 GB of data, credentials, passwords and other...
WhatsApp India

WhatsApp Launches A New Feature In India On Behalf Of Elections

WhatsApp innovates to protect Indian elections from potential drift … We almost want to think that social networks and other applications are approaching the age of...
MIFO O5 powerful headphones

Introducing MIFO O5…..100 Hours Power Play Wireless Headphones

Addicted to heavy music....Then you need headphones every time. But, the problem is battery low if you were using wireless headphones. If it is true, why can't you charge...
Google reveals stadia, online game streaming platform

Google Unveils Its Game Streaming Platform: Stadia

Google finally presents its streaming game platform Stadia at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It will be launched this year and will be available in North America and...
first intel super computer from aurora

Intel Hints Its First Super Computer With 1 ExaFLOP

In computer science, there is a concept to understand the "power" of computers. When we perform complex calculations, we measure the performance of the computer based on the floating-point...
Samsung new foldable concept

Samsung Patents A Foldable Phone With Removable Camera

Weeks after the presentation of Samsung's first folding smartphone, Samsung is exploring new formats to continue with its catalog of folding phones. According to a report...
Qualcomm next generation smartphones

Qualcomm Promises Smartphones With 192 Megapixel Cameras

By the end of the year, Qualcomm promises to introduce smartphones with 64 or even 100-megapixel photosensors. The megapixel war could be revived! Qualcomm has recently...
SimBad, a new playstore android malware spread

Android Malware SimBad Infects More Than 150 Million Smartphones

Up to 150 million users have probably downloaded and installed an Android app that includes a new Android malware called SimBad. According to an analysis by the Israeli security...
Android Q beta arrives

First Beta Version Of Android Q Arrives On Pixel Devices

Although a bit later, the first beta of Android Q has arrived, which will be able to install for now. Currently, the new beta version of Android supports only...