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Instagram donation tag

Instagram Is Testing A Sticker For Charity Donations – Idea Of Collecting Data

Facebook has been trying different options to buy and make payments on the platform, although it has not yet made any official. And, now, a new feature in beta...
new deadly momo challenge game

Momo Challenge: Another Suicidal Game That Challenges Bluewhale

Recently, the internet has a terrible entertainment, provoking the suicide of children with a weak psyche, similar to "Blue Whale." Probably, it is already being affected by many regions. Now forgot...
Android Q beta arrives

First Beta Version Of Android Q Arrives On Pixel Devices

Although a bit later, the first beta of Android Q has arrived, which will be able to install for now. Currently, the new beta version of Android supports only...
Google Android

Android Celebrates Tenth Anniversary: Historical Moments Over A Decade

This 2018 has been a year of great celebrations for Google. At the beginning of September it was the tenth anniversary of Chrome, at the end of that same month, the...
Samsung Galaxy Sport

First Renders On Samsung Galaxy Sport Are Filtered With Images

At the end of 2018, the first rumors on alleged Samsung smartwatch circulated on the internet calling it as "Pulse". Now we can make a clearer idea about...
Netflix India new subscription plans

Netflix India Weekly Plans: Only Rs.65

Netflix, an iconic video streaming service company has a giant market destination in India. The company has extended mobile subscription services last month and now launched new subscription plans...
Youtube music new update

YouTube Music v2.67 On The Play Store: Minor Tweaks To The Interface

YouTube Music updates to version 2.67 on the Play Store, many small features are hidden as they are being tested. YouTube Music 2.67 is no exception and brings with...
Tesla self driving taxi

Tesla Would Launch Self-Driving Taxi Service By 2020

In the context of Tesla Autonomy Day, many interesting features were announced, among them, the plans of Elon Musk to give life to autonomous taxi service.

WhatsApp Starts Labeling Forwarded Messages, Feature Live On Android Beta

The most popular chat application WhatsApp is developing a new feature, which will end the irritating forward messages that you receive every time to an extent. The application is almost curated...
hotel technologies 2019

Technology In Hotels: From Smart Bands To Chatbots

Hotels are one of the sectors that adapt quickly to new technologies, always with the aim of increasing customer safety, reducing risks and reducing costs, and for this, they...