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IFA 2019 Smartphones

Top 7 Crazy Smartphones Presented At IFA 2019

IFA 2019 is Europe's biggest tech show which was held in Berlin. It is one of the most significant spots on the calendar for tech launches. Apart from the...

DrugSafe | A Fake Drug Detector App Created By Bengaluru Students

As we all know that there are many fake drugs or medicines in the market through which seller gets more benefits. When these fake medicines entering the patient's blood then instead...
Netflix India new subscription plans

Netflix India Weekly Plans: Only Rs.65

Netflix, an iconic video streaming service company has a giant market destination in India. The company has extended mobile subscription services last month and now launched new subscription plans...
iPhone X mini design by kim

iPhone X Mini, a small, frameless concept that we would like Apple to make

Although we currently live in the era of large screens with mobiles that touch and even exceed in many cases the 6 inches, there are also some manufacturers (and...
iPhone Z apple first foldable concept

iPhone Z: The Concept Of Apple’s First Foldable Smartphone

The Russian company Caviar, known for selling custom and ultra-expensive iPhone models, has just shared a concept that should excite fans of Apple's line of smartphones.
WhatsApp Group New feature

How To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups

After a long wait, WhatsApp finally released the feature to choose who can add you to groups. If you are worried that someone will add you to a group...

MetaFly: A Mechanical Hummingbird Soaring On Kickstarter

Oh My God…This is not a toy…But, a Unique winged gadget that acts like a bird. Yes, I'm talking about a radio-controlled propeller less drone which is lately surprises....
Novus electric motorcycle

Novus Launched $35000 Electric Bike At CES 2019

Previously, Harley Davidson announced its electric bike at CES 2019,now its turn to an electric bicycle. Novus, a German company who made its first glance in showing a futuristic...
Bluetooth 5.1 released

Bluetooth 5.1 Released…Now Smartwatches Will Take An Advantage

Wireless communications have become increasingly powerful in recent years, and protocols for these communications are constantly receiving new improvements. The latest innovation in the sector is the Bluetooth 5.1...
How to download all your tinder data

How To Download All Your Tinder Data?

Tinder has become the main reference when looking for a partner on the internet. A whole catalog of people to slide with, try to make a match and start...