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virtual and augmented reality

Virtual And Augmented Reality : Real Life Futuristic Technology In 2018

Hi, welcome to new tech stuff from vinstechs. This article is part of an ongoing series in collaboration with upload VR. Today we will cover the emerging technology of VR and...
WhatsApp new message forwarding feature

WhatsApp Finally Blocked Fake News… New Feature Came Out

In recent months, WhatsApp has released a lot of updates, each of which was intended to...
Whatsapp Beta

WhatsApp Updated With New Features: Beta Version Available

WhatsApp is always trying to improve its services, and after several changes, it has introduced lately, the app comes with a few new features for its users.
Youtube India

Youtube Launches Facts Check In India To Filter Fake News

YouTube introduces a fact check tool in some searches, especially those that are more sensitive or controversial. This new feature will be found in the upper left corner of...
Microsoft seperates cortana in windows 10

Microsoft Announces The Separation Of Cortana From Search Box

Hey, I started the day with an important feature related to Cortana, the voice assistant available in the Windows 10. As you know, until now Cortana was available in...
Huawei MateBook E under snapdragon chip

Huawei MateBook E 2019…First Laptop Under Snapdragon 850

Many have tried it, and many have broken their teeth. But impossible is not Huawei! The Chinese manufacturer is preparing a convertible laptop boarding an SoC Snapdragon 850 for...
net neutrality and save the internet

Net Neutrality Is Explained : Save The Internet

What is you had to pay to make it go away? We often assume that all the information on the internet is Equally accessible ?It is not so simple, but this ideal...

Tencent Announces India’s Biggest PUBG Tournament For College Students

PUBG game is an amazing shooting game and it doesn't need an explanation. In the coming month, Tencent company is planning to host India's biggest ever PUBG Mobile Tournament involving college students. Are...
5 simple Google Keep Tricks

5 Simple Google Keep Tricks That Helped Me Get More Out Of It

Sometimes the applications we use include features we do not know, and we even have other apps installed to perform those same tasks. Google Keep is a tool so minimalist and simple...
iOS 12.1.4

Apple Solved The Facetime Problem With iOS 12.1.4 Update

Apple has just released iOS 12.1.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This update fixes a shameful bug that was discovered a little more than a week ago. Due...