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What Is Tasker In Android And How To Use It?

Android is getting smarter, being an example of this Google Assistant routines, but in terms of task automation in Android, there is nothing like Tasker, the legendary application created almost a...
how to turn old mobile into GPS locator

How to turn an old mobile into a GPS locator for the car

Do you own a new smartphone? Then, what you do with the old one? You have several options, such as selling it, giving it to someone in your...

WannaCry Is Back On Android: How To Protect Yourself From Filecoder.C

A new ransomware attack directly affects all Android devices, so the range is very considerable. We tell you what " Filecoder.C " consists of and how to avoid becoming...

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10 +: Which Should You Buy?

OnePlus 7 Pro costs hundreds of dollars when compared to Galaxy S10 +, but there are tempting reasons to consider the handsome Samsung. Which will tell the translation of...
Samsung Galaxy note 10 and Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Filtered: 8 GB RAM, Exynos 9825 And On-screen Fingerprint Reader

A few hours ago Evan Blass published some details about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. We found that both share the vast majority of the...

iOS 13: Expectations Came To Reality

At last, Apple has released the iOS 13, the new operating system for the iPhone that combines a new look, better features for popular functions and promises better performance....
ARM chips Computerx 2019

ARM Announces New Cortex-A77 And Mali-G77 GPU’s At Computex 2019

At Computex 2019, ARM announced its next-generation processors and GPUs, which is the processor of our future smartphones. The new chips include the Cortex-A77 processor and the Mali-G77 graphics...
Facebook global coin

GlobalCoin: Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Is Planned For 2020

While Facebook hides its cryptocurrency project, a report from the BBC shows the progress of its virtual currency. The media says that Facebook could reveal this project in the...
Microsoft AI

Microsoft Invests In 7 AI Projects For Handicap People

Microsoft has just awarded grants to 7 projects based on artificial intelligence or virtual reality and essentially to improve the accessibility of people with disabilities in the computer world.
Xiaomi Dark Theme

Dark Theme For Xiaomi Smartphones: Screenshots And Download Link

MIUI is the customization of Android that Xiaomi implements on its devices. Among the many customization options it offers the possibility of installing system themes and today we show...