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Tinder Lite app

Tinder Lite: A Lighter Version Of The Original Application

Tinder, one of the most popular app to meet new friends and people, has a great freshness … It was much lighter now! The company announced a new version...
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Leaks: Color Display, Voice Commands & Play Music

One of the most popular wearables, especially when we talk about smart bracelets, is the Xiaomi Mi Band. Currently, this smart band goes for its third version, which was...
100 Amazon merchants lost money through fraud loans and sales

Hackers Stole Money From 100 Amazon Merchants

Thousands of people are selling products on Amazon, and they want the money that falls directly into their accounts. But, Today, one hundred vendors who have been victims of...
Android Q Beta 3

Android Q Beta 3: Bubbles, QR Codes, Live Caption, And Many Features

On Tuesday, May 7, Google announced new features and services that will come to Android Q. Google launched the Android Q beta for Pixel phones in March, followed...
creative commons search engine

CC Search: 300 Million Royalty Free Images

Are you looking for free royalty images every time, then you probably know about Creative Commons licenses. These allow you to use the creation of an author, free of...
WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp To Integrate Video Calls In Desktop Version

The web version of WhatsApp is increasingly used all over the world. Being able to contact clients directly from the browser, this feature helps to increase productivity. According to...

Scientists Created Dual-Core Biocomputer From Human Cell

Scientists at the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology have found a great opportunity to create biocomputers using a human cell to develop a two-core bioprocessor. According...
Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp will unite

Facebook Confirms To Unite Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram In One Platform

With a renewed commitment to privacy, Mark Zuckerberg announced important changes in view for all the messaging apps. Right now, users of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are separated by...
Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN: Hand-Picked Review For Secure Internet Users

VPNs are no longer a tool for technology obsessors, nor exclusive for companies. VPNs are weapons against threats to online security, hackers, or even excessive prices. No matter what...
Intel compute stick cs

Intel Compute Stick CS…A Dongle That Contains Windows 10 PC!

For those who need a portable Windows 10 computer, Intel offers its Compute Stick CS Computer solution. It is indeed an HDMI dongle, which actually contains a Windows 10...