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best gaming phones 2019

12 Best Gaming Phones 2019: Most Buying Collection

Hello everyone. We're back with one more list of the best gaming smartphones in 2019. The smartphones we listed combined with the most powerful components and software for the...
Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung Launches Cheap Chromebook Laptops: 15.6 Inches Screen With 6GB RAM

We have new Chromebooks from Samsung. The Korean firm has just launched two new devices for the most basic segment whose main differences are the size of its screen...
WhatsApp Dark mode

DarkMode Finally Arrives On WhatsApp Beta: WaBetaInfo

It's been a long time that WhatsApp is working on a dark mode version of its app. Today, we found that Dark mode is ready to arrive in its...
Windows 10X

Windows10X: Is It New Operating System From Microsoft?

Microsoft has not yet revealed too much data about this special version of Windows 10, but we already have some of the main features of an "extension" of Windows...
Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event Highlights: New Laptops And Notebooks

Today, Microsoft officially unveiled the 2019 Surface range. The event is over with big announcements. The keynote included two new hybrid tablets and a full-fledged laptop in two sizes...
Jailbreak on iOS 13

How To Jailbreak On iOS 13 In 2019?

Do jailbreak in iOS 13 is the equivalent to root on Android. The purpose of both processes is the same: to give full access to the OS to download...
Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics Selling Its Robot Dog SPOT

Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics company dedicated to the development and construction of robots. The company seems to have finally materialized, its robot dog. They have given an...
Oneplus 7T

Oneplus 7T & Oneplus TV launched Today: Specifications, Prices, Release Dates

Today, OnePlus announced its next flagship smartphone Oneplus 7T and Oneplus TV in India. This time, the smartphone is completely different from its predecessor Oneplus 7. It comes with...
Cloudflare WARP VPN

Cloudflare Finally Launches Its VPN Service Called WARP

Cloudflare, an Internet services company, developing services focused on the smartphones of the average consumer. During the past year, they launched their own DNS service ( And at the...

Skype Finally Updated With Dark Mode And Call Schedule Feature

As WhatsApp and its video calls have become quite popular, Skype continues to rival and is one of the most-used apps to communicate with our friends. In fact, it...