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facebook accounts hacked again

Almost 50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected By A Security Breach

If the exit of senior executives of Facebook and the statements of others was not enough, this week Facebook has faced another problem. A hack has endangered almost 50 million user...
6 online recharge app platforms to get free cashbacks

6 Online Mobile Recharge Platforms To Get Free Cashback

Now in the era of smartphones and highly grow mobile networks every smartphone users are very clever while using android or iOS apps since they are well in using a lot...
Android Turns 10 The Story Behind The Raise Of $10,000 Funds

Android Turns 10: The Story Behind The Raise Of $10,000 Funds

Today Android is the operating system installed in 85% of mobile devices and the heart in a million-dollar industry, but there was a time when Android was just an idea, and...

Everything You Need To Know About eSIM. How eSIM Works?

As you all know e-SIM became popular overnight once Apple launched its new iPhones with so-called eSIM support which makes them first ever dual sim supportable iPhones. Apple launched its new phones...
Youtube dark mode

Now Dark Mode On YouTube is Official!! Know How To Enable Here?

The wait is over!! finally, Google made it official and this is real. Now YouTube can be viewed in Dark Mode both in Android as well as in Desktop. Cool right!! Geeks like...
TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women's Hacking Competition

TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women’s Hacking Competition

Hacking is an art of computer coding and manipulating computer hardware. Every tech geek, for a second in its lifetime, wanted to become a hacker. There happens a good number of...

Tencent Announces India’s Biggest PUBG Tournament For College Students

PUBG game is an amazing shooting game and it doesn't need an explanation. In the coming month, Tencent company is planning to host India's biggest ever PUBG Mobile Tournament involving college students. Are...
new deadly momo challenge game

Momo Challenge: Another Suicidal Game That Challenges Bluewhale

Recently, the internet has a terrible entertainment, provoking the suicide of children with a weak psyche, similar to "Blue Whale." Probably, it is already being affected by many regions. Now forgot...
whatsapp latest news

WhatsApp Refuses To Encrypt All Correspondence

To exchange any information through the Internet is extremely dangerous because sometimes even the most secure channels can be vulnerable. As it became known, in the near future the messenger WhatsApp...
android pie update available

Xiaomi and Nokia Smartphones Are Updated To Android Pie

The day before yesterday, on August 6, 2018, Google finally released the Android Pie operating system. In which the owners of the four mobile devices in the Pixel line were able...