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windows 10 android apps screen mirroring feature

Now Run Android Apps Remotely In Windows 10: Integration Of Screen Mirroring Feature

Thanks to the new screen mirroring feature, Android users will be able to use their devices on the Microsoft system. What do you think if we...
BigBobRoss malware data decrypters

Avast and Emsisoft Launches Free Tools To Recover Files Encrypted By Malware

Avast and Emsisoft launched free decryptors for those who are victims of the BigBobRoss ransomware. BigBobRoss, a ransomware written in C ++ using QT, has spread...
Uninstall these apps not just remove them!

Beware Of These Apps: They Are Smart And Hide Very Well

Some launchers allow you to uninstall applications directly by dragging the application icon. But some applications are clever and are able to get around this trick. Naturally, these applications...
Youtube India

Youtube Launches Facts Check In India To Filter Fake News

YouTube introduces a fact check tool in some searches, especially those that are more sensitive or controversial. This new feature will be found in the upper left corner of...

MetaFly: A Mechanical Hummingbird Soaring On Kickstarter

Oh My God…This is not a toy…But, a Unique winged gadget that acts like a bird. Yes, I'm talking about a radio-controlled propeller less drone which is lately surprises....
Apex Legends

How Apex Legends Has Reached 50 Million Players In A Month?

That's it…The official Battle Royale…..Apex Legends has surprised everyone by posting on their Twitter account that they have already reached 50 million players. Of course, comparisons are not waiting...
Teamviewer Pilot

TeamViewer Surprises Us With Its Augmented Reality Feature

Millions of people around the world use TeamViewer's solution to communicate with other people remotely. Its system, which allows us to give another person access to our computer with...
Winrar vunerability found

15 Years Old WinRar Vulnerability Is Already Exploited To Spread Malware

Just a few days ago, a serious security hole found in WinRar that had existed in the program for 15 years and endangering our equipment without our knowing it....
USB 3.2 standard speeds upto 20Gbps

USB 3.2 Arrives At 20Gbps…….Speed Doubles Again

It was almost two years away from announcing the USB 3.2 specification, which ended up delaying its movement due to the launch of USB-C. Today, at MWC 2019, the...
Electroneum M1

Electroneum M1, A Smartphone That Pays You $3/Month

MWC 2019 became a platform for innovative smartphones. We have seen folding smartphones, devices with 18,000 mAh battery, and now we have come across the Electroneum M1. It is...