Best Smartphones In October 2018

Top 3 Best Smartphones In October 2018 That Surprised Everyone

Hello, I came back again bringing you the Best smartphones in October 2018 that blow everyone. We already know that October is completely fulfilled with silicon valley annual events. Now, I'm gonna...
ios or android

iOS or Android? Which Is Best to Use According to Your Need

The biggest confusion of today's mobile consumer is iOS or Android? This has been a long-standing argument. This one will always end in a draw, as there will not likely be...
Android Turns 10 The Story Behind The Raise Of $10,000 Funds

Android Turns 10: The Story Behind The Raise Of $10,000 Funds

Today Android is the operating system installed in 85% of mobile devices and the heart in a million-dollar industry, but there was a time when Android was just an idea, and...
iPhone Z apple first foldable concept

iPhone Z: The Concept Of Apple’s First Foldable Smartphone

The Russian company Caviar, known for selling custom and ultra-expensive iPhone models, has just shared a concept that should excite fans of Apple's line of smartphones.
SimBad, a new playstore android malware spread

Android Malware SimBad Infects More Than 150 Million Smartphones

Up to 150 million users have probably downloaded and installed an Android app that includes a new Android malware called SimBad. According to an analysis by the Israeli security...

How to Stop Websites from Mining Cryptocurrencies on Smartphone or PC

Cryptocurrency doesn't need an introduction today. In the world of globalization as the world is heading towards its goal at a very fast pace. There has been a tremendous change witnessed...
use find my phone app to locate phone

How Can I Find My Android Device When It Losts ?

Just lost your android smartphone, where you be there.Ya, it is common for everyone in losing it.Even I too lost my handset many times, later I realized to follow safe things....
Whatsap Banned

How To Remove WhatsApp Banned In 2019? [Solved]

What the hell, it is! My WhatsApp account is permanently banned and showing "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help". WhatsApp banned, What do I do...
Electroneum M1

Electroneum M1, A Smartphone That Pays You $3/Month

MWC 2019 became a platform for innovative smartphones. We have seen folding smartphones, devices with 18,000 mAh battery, and now we have come across the Electroneum M1. It is...
samsung galaxy s9

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 In 2018

Welcome back to our brand new tech blog.This is the finest day after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. It's been more than a week, after its release, still, people are...