Google playstore found danger camera apps

Google PlayStore Detects 29 Camera Apps That Stole User Data

It is not the first time Google think about security scandal. In fact, last November Google deleted 13 different games that spread malware. We started the week with similar...
access websites without internet

How To Access Websites Without Internet 

Hello Guys, today I will teach you to access websites without internet connection. For example, if you have a Wi-Fi connection in the home, you can use the internet only in...
turn old computer into web server

How To Turn Your Old PC into Web Server In Just 5 Minutes ?

Today, everyone is able to buy portable laptops and throwing old computers in the junk. For those people, I’m saying stop doing that. Your old PC values $500 if you turn...
Intel i9 Core product review

Complete Product Review About Worlds Fastest Microprocessor – Intel i9 Core X series

2008 was an interesting year the Large Hadron Collider was fired up for the first time. There was a historical selection in the US, we were all treated to that incredible...
How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

Finally, Whatsapp integrated stickers feature in its beta version and very soon comes to Playstore. You can download this Whatsapp beta version here and it is available on both Android and...
cyber crime

20 Dreadful Cyber Attacks That Changed World’s History

Over a decade, Cyberspace becomes an expanding association of mutual interaction with regard to time and time.This has become a new method, but it has negative reactions.Some suspicious individuals, businesses, banks, and...
youtube url tricks

7 Youtube URL Tricks You Might Not Know

Thanks to simple commands from YouTube, you can download previews or videos, make gifs and customize the display of recommendations. #1 Send links of any part...
the best chrome extensions

10 Of The Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now

Google Chrome is the best web browser and unworthy of other web browsers because of its functionality, flexibility, and expandability options through add-ons. Now that we’re talking about add-ons, users can...