net neutrality and save the internet

Net Neutrality Is Explained : Save The Internet

What is you had to pay to make it go away? We often assume that all the information on the internet is Equally accessible ?It is not so simple, but this ideal...
use find my phone app to locate phone

How Can I Find My Android Device When It Losts ?

Just lost your android smartphone, where you be there.Ya, it is common for everyone in losing it.Even I too lost my handset many times, later I realized to follow safe things....
5 simple Google Keep Tricks

5 Simple Google Keep Tricks That Helped Me Get More Out Of It

Sometimes the applications we use include features we do not know, and we even have other apps installed to perform those same tasks. Google Keep is a tool so minimalist and simple...
the best chrome extensions

10 Of The Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now

Google Chrome is the best web browser and unworthy of other web browsers because of its functionality, flexibility, and expandability options through add-ons. Now that we’re talking about add-ons, users can...
youtube videos

How To Play Youtube Videos In Background On Smartphone ?

Enjoy watching youtube videos that don't always have the time to give them your full attention.If you're someone who still has busy, this video is for you. In this article I'll be...
ios or android

iOS or Android? Which Is Best to Use According to Your Need

The biggest confusion of today's mobile consumer is iOS or Android? This has been a long-standing argument. This one will always end in a draw, as there will not likely be...
How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

Finally, Whatsapp integrated stickers feature in its beta version and very soon comes to Playstore. You can download this Whatsapp beta version here and it is available on both Android and...
Whatsap Banned

How To Remove WhatsApp Banned In 2019? [Solved]

What the hell, it is! My WhatsApp account is permanently banned and showing "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help". WhatsApp banned, What do I do...