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Call Center Jobs is in Danger Now


AI automation affecting the call center jobs. Previously, automation affected IT testing, manufacturing, and many more sectors and now, the target of AI automation is affecting the job of the call center. AI automation of Google is ready to replace the humans who are doing the job in this sector with virtual persons.

What did Will Virtual Agents do?

When we have any type of technical issue than we first call on the call center or service center and humans receive our calls to solve our issues but now, Google is all set to launch its new and latest technology base on AI automation. Google developed an automation system and when this system enables then there is no need for real humans to receive the calls. Virtual agents then receive the calls and resolve our problems. The Chief Scientist of Google, Fei-Fei Li when held conference in San Francisco then he said that, “our main goal is to provide each and every solution to the customers so that they cannot face issues”. After the conference, they named this technology is Contact Center AI through which real agents of call centers are replaced by the virtual agents.

We all know that AI is a very vast software and it has very large storing capacity and huge power. Real agents have no option except to quit the job.

How does this system work?

Google implements big data and uses the technique of machine learning. With the help of these things, the system combines the different systems of human, automation, and data analytics and convert it into one big system.

Fei-Fei Li said that if virtual agents are not able to handle the call of customers then the call is automatically transferred to the real agents. But at that point, AI also working. When the real agent or human employee handling the call then AI works on the back side and help the agent to solve the queries in less possible time.

As we see in previous days that big multinational companies like Infosys, TCS, and Tech Mahindra already fired most of the employees just because of the AI automation. But do you really think that it will affect the job of call center agents in bulk? I don’t think so. Perhaps this technology solves the issues of customers but is not capable to handle the angry customers. No doubt, they need less number of employees but they will not fire each and every employee.


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