hackers are using new technology to hack human brains

Have you ever thought that there is one technology that steals valuable information from your brain? Ya, you cannot wait to hear me that. NeuroTechnology, a tech stuff enables various methods and techniques to treat and understand brain functions.
As this revolutionary technology is spreading day by day, it becomes normal.Researchers say there is a risk in future with neuro Technology that third-parties may reach someone’s mind with that.

How Hacking Human Brain Became Possible Today?

Brain-Computer Interface, a standard neuro tech system probably using to control external objects with brain signals.Some may think this global innovation is false.But they don’t know it’s capability to reach something with artificial hands.
The future is coming, where ‘brain capturing‘ techniques help hackers to steal data from a human. As the researchers are warned, the new human rights law is ready to protect against such exploitation and privacy loss.
The new breakthrough in neuro-technologies causes the ‘freedom of mind‘ and the researchers have suggested four new laws to prevent this – freedom of consciousness, mental integrity and mental retardation for mental secrets.
Scientists are clearly annoying that hackers can evacuate your bank account by monitoring your brain pulses.

What Hackers Do With This Technology?

There is such head wired gadget called ECG which are prominently used to treat epilepsy. When someone uses this ECG, their brain is wired around connected to the system.The system starts reading brain pulses and shows the exact report. Using mind pulses, one can easily find out what the stranger is thinking about. This technology is provoking hackers to steal passwords from human minds.
You can see such gadgets in super specialty hospitals and clinical gardens.But today, it is stepped into video game technology and creating numerous ways to hackers.
And sophisticatedly, they are available in the market to control robotic toys and video games and the cost worth £100.

With the help of Ayaya Nuppaye and Dr.Luther Rehman, Associate Professor Nitesh Saxena find out a person who stopped a video game and logged into bank account using ECG
These emerging equipment may open many opportunities for today employers,” said Saxena

While these innovations can be beneficial for individuals and society, it is a risk that technology can be misused and unexampled threats can arise.

Brain imaging technology has already reached that point where its validity is discussed in criminal court, for example, to handle criminal responsibility in the form of a device or as a risk of insulting,” Roberto Andorno said,
Sure, there is absolutely no doubt that the world will be hung up for hackers.

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