Bluetooth 5.1 Released…Now Smartwatches Will Take An Advantage

Bluetooth 5.1 released

Wireless communications have become increasingly powerful in recent years, and protocols for these communications are constantly receiving new improvements. The latest innovation in the sector is the Bluetooth 5.1 standard.

If you are dependent on Bluetooth gadgets and you have encountered numerous problems over the past few years, you should know that with the transition to the new 5.1 standard, many of these problems will disappear.

Bluetooth 5.1: Main features

First of all, the new Bluetooth 5.1 protocol will facilitate navigation in closed places, such as shopping centers or airports, and if you lose your paired gadget, you can easily find it. Practically, the new version will provide indications clear direction between two devices with the same technology.

Currently, the Bluetooth protocol can only estimate the distance between two devices through the power of the signal. But with Bluetooth 5.1 there will be communication in two directions and position and orientation can be located with greater precision.

Thus, if you currently have a tracker in your keys, instead of seeing an abstract reference as “hot/cold”, with the new Bluetooth 5.1 you will see an arrow that will guide you step by step as if you were using a GPS.

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Biggest Advantage Of Bluetooth 5.1 For Future Smartwatches

But one of the biggest innovations of Bluetooth 5.1 is related to the Advertising mode, through which various devices promote their “existence”. This is especially useful in the case where two devices communicate with each other periodically, without being permanently connected. For example, it can be an intelligent tensiometer that synchronizes the measurements with the mobile, if it is constantly connected and without any intervention on the part of the user.

Bluetooth 5.1 released

And, finally, Bluetooth 5.1 will improve the stability of the communications channel and will work better on a large scale when there are multiple devices connected to each other simultaneously. In addition, the same advertising mode will allow smaller gadgets to take greater advantage of the energy generated by a device with a larger battery. Also, smartwatches can save more battery when it comes to synchronizing with mobiles.

The benefits derived from Bluetooth 5.1 are undoubtedly important, and we hope that its implementation becomes effective as soon as possible and in the largest number of gadgets.

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