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Bill Gates owns 8 interesting things


Who is Bill Gates? I think no one asks this silly question to anyone because he is a well-known person who is the richest man in the world and co-founder of the no.1 Microsoft company. He lives in $60 million house with family and besides this, he owns many exciting things which is listed below.

House of worth $123 million

Besides his own House, Bill Gates purchase a house of $123.54 million according to the report. Every year, tech magnate give tax to a government of worth $1 million. This house has variety of things and advance things are present.

Artwork walls with changing color

This is a very unique feature which is based on latest technology. You can store any of the painting, drawing, and photographs and the color of wall hanging according to you. A button is present near the wall. When you press the button then the design of wall is automatically converted into the design which you stored in the storage device.

A swimming pool of length 60 feet

The length of the Bill Gates building is 3,900 square foot and besides that, along 60 feet swimming pool which has an inbuilt music system. When they enter the swimming pool then with the remote control, music will change.

A big trampoline in the house

Bill Gates owns a huge trampoline in the house. There is a 20 feet strong and high ceiling room in the House where this big trampoline is present. We have no idea about how large the trampoline is.

Very huge library

Co-founder of Microsoft has a very huge library in the house of almost 2,100 square foot which contains a very heavy roof. In the library, Bill Gates has some secret cases for placing personal book so that only particular persons are able to read these books. Bill Gates spends $30.8 million and purchased a Leonardo da Vinci manuscript. It was built in the 16th century and this manuscript is kept in the library.

Home theatre

It is difficult to believe that Bill Gates uses its own Home theatre and the interesting thing in the Home theatre is that it has a popcorn machine and capable to entertain at least 20 peoples at a single time.

Bill Gates has personal Jet

Bill Gates owns a jet for personal use which is named as Bombardier BD-700. This jet is very powerful and can stand out in the competition with other business jets like Airbus ACJ319 and Boeing 737 BBJ.

Branded car collection

Our Microsoft co-founder loves cars. They have a great collection of old and stylish cars like  Porsche 911 Carrera and 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe.

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