Beware Of These Apps: They Are Smart And Hide Very Well

Uninstall these apps not just remove them!

Some launchers allow you to uninstall applications directly by dragging the application icon. But some applications are clever and are able to get around this trick. Naturally, these applications are not particularly popular but they are filled with advertising.

Twitter user LukasStefanko managed to find out some of these apps and posted a video showing how they worked. In practice, the application at first start creates a link to the home and hides its own. Therefore, trying to delete the icon from the launcher will delete only that and not the application itself.

Ah, of course, if you had to try and delete the application before launching it, the launcher will be able to do it without problems. Problems appear only after the first start. The app discovered, for now, are at least three (you can see them above), and, although for an “expert” user it is quick and easy to remedy, for a novice user it is easy to run into this trick.

So, be careful guys. Not all Play store apps are genuine. You need to check twice before installing any app. Finally, don’t forget to leave comments below.

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