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Aware From Apps Which Record Your Mobile screen Information


A big news found by the researchers that some apps record the information of your mobile screen. What you have done on your screen is recorded. This is because the technical companies know the information of target users so that they can sell the ads. They can do anything for selling ads. Research is done in Boston and the researchers are found that apps are secretly recorded the users mobile screen to know the behavior that what is the main things which users search mostly. So, that they can easily sell ads to their target area.

They found that some most popular and big apps make the videos and click screenshots of all the activities done by the user on the smartphone and all the information are sent to the technical companies and the user has even no idea about this recorded information.

Why Are Apps Recording The Screens?

At the starting stage of research, they analyzed and collect all the traffic which comes from different mobile phones. Then they searched whether the apps recorded the information from the different screens or not. And they found the shocking thing that the apps have really recorded the information and send to the various third parties. This is not an end. These apps send information to Facebook also for selling the ads to the customers who live in the targeted area.

They have done their research by collecting the traffic from 17,000 Android applications.


The apps which own Facebook send data or information to the Facebook without knowing any user. There are nearly about 8,000 applications which send data to Facebook. In today’s time, there are approx 9,000 Android applications which can access the camera of the smartphone with users permission. This is the pathway for Facebook which can record the information.

How Can You Stop It?

Most apps want permission when you install app first time. Take care before allow to access the camera or media files. Do not try to download any of the apps which is suspicious. Be alert if you don’t want to enter into this trap. It totally depends on you. If you don’t want to be the next victim then try to save yourself. Take care and see each and every app which you will use in the future and already used in the past or using now. Otherwise, it may happen that you will pay some money.


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