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Jayapal, an engineering student who made blogging as a career and turned it has a passion.I am such an enthusiastic guy always struggling for exploring Tech Stuff and producing my work on many blogs.Now, I'm working with Vinstechs as a guest writer and being thankful to be here.
delete snapchat account

How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?【2019】

Snapchat is a social network that lost many of its users recently. This is because of Instagram and Facebook grab more attention from users by integrating new features in their platforms. I...
solar cell

These Solar Panels Work With Interior Light

A group of Swedish and Chinese scientists has developed organic solar cells to convert indoor ambient light into electricity. From their reports, the power they produce is low and enough to feed...

SimJacker- Beware Of This Sim Tracking Malware Code

Adaptive Mobile Security experts found a serious vulnerability in SIM cards. It is enough for the hacker to send an SMS to a person in order to track his location and gain...
Chrome 77

Chrome 77 Coming To Desktop And Android: New Color Themes And Send Pages From...

Google Chrome 77, the latest version that is released today on desktop platforms and in the coming weeks to Android and iOS. This is a very interesting update, with several additional customization...

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, iPad (2019): First Impressions

Finally, one of the most important events of the year for Apple is finished. The company puts its new iPhone on the table in addition to other surprises. In this case, the...
3d print

This Company Printed 3D Human Heart

During emergency treatments, it is highly difficult to get donor organs. To overcome this problem, several companies are working tirelessly to be able to print organs with special tissues that replace natural...
how to play android 10 hidden game

How To Play Android 10 Hidden Game?

At the beginning of this week, the final version of Android 10 finally arrived. Among all its features, we found a hidden game that is hidden inside its classic Easter egg. It...
IFA 2019 Smartphones

Top 7 Crazy Smartphones Presented At IFA 2019

IFA 2019 is Europe's biggest tech show which was held in Berlin. It is one of the most significant spots on the calendar for tech launches. Apart from the launch of  various...
Huawei Freebuds 3

Huawei Introduced Freebuds 3 With Complete Noise Cancelling

Today, Huawei introduced the wireless Freebuds 3 headphones. Among the main features - an active noise reduction system and a new audio chip, which improves sound quality and reduces latency.
Facebook Phone numbers leaked

Facebook Leaked 419 Million User’s Phone Numbers

Earlier this year, Facebook was fined $5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the terms of a consent decree signed in 2011. At that time, the company agreed not...