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Jayapal, an engineering student who made blogging as a career and turned it has a passion.I am such an enthusiastic guy always struggling for exploring Tech Stuff and producing my work on many blogs.Now, I'm working with Vinstechs as a guest writer and being thankful to be here.

Scientists Created Dual-Core Biocomputer From Human Cell

Scientists at the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology have found a great opportunity to create biocomputers using a human cell to develop a two-core bioprocessor. According to the information...
Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp will unite

Facebook Confirms To Unite Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram In One Platform

With a renewed commitment to privacy, Mark Zuckerberg announced important changes in view for all the messaging apps. Right now, users of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are separated by "barriers" made up...
Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN: Hand-Picked Review For Secure Internet Users

VPNs are no longer a tool for technology obsessors, nor exclusive for companies. VPNs are weapons against threats to online security, hackers, or even excessive prices. No matter what you do online,...
Intel compute stick cs

Intel Compute Stick CS…A Dongle That Contains Windows 10 PC!

For those who need a portable Windows 10 computer, Intel offers its Compute Stick CS Computer solution. It is indeed an HDMI dongle, which actually contains a Windows 10 PC ready for...
Samsung PlayGalaxy Link

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link: A Gaming Platform For All Galaxy Devices

It seems that Samsung is planning to launch its own gaming platform, specifically dedicated to its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The news is so-called PlayGalaxy Link with which Samsung...
Nubia Red Magic 3 specifications

Nubia Red Magic 3 Is Announced With Snapdragon 855, 12GB RAM And Flashy Design

After many rumors and leaks, Nubia Red Magic 3 has finally introduced to the world. The new smartphone brings a number of features aimed at public gaming and also incorporates powerful technical...
Chrome 74 dark mode

Google Chrome: How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 10?

After macOS with Chrome 73, the "Dark mode" of the browser is now also available for Windows 10 users with Chrome 74. Google intends to install this feature...
Samsung coin from korean giant

Samsung Coin: The Korean Giant Is Working On Cryptocurrency

Samsung has been interested in crypto-currencies and blockchain for several years. On its latest generation of Galaxy S10, the Korean manufacturer has even integrated a portfolio to store its cryptocurrencies.
TikTok banned in india continues

TikTok Ban Continues In India With $500000 Daily Loss

We already know that TikTok has been banned in India for having pornographic content and cyberbullying. With this, the Chinese company is facing financial losses of up to $ 500,000 per day....
Tesla self driving taxi

Tesla Would Launch Self-Driving Taxi Service By 2020

In the context of Tesla Autonomy Day, many interesting features were announced, among them, the plans of Elon Musk to give life to autonomous taxi service. According to estimates,...