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Jayapal, an engineering student who made blogging as a career and turned it has a passion.I am such an enthusiastic guy always struggling for exploring Tech Stuff and producing my work on many blogs.Now, I'm working with Vinstechs as a guest writer and being thankful to be here.

What Are The Best Email Services In 2018 ?

Free online mailing services are usually paid via online advertising. Today several email services seek your email to show you customize ads. You can say that, there is a convenience because you will see...
net neutrality and save the internet

Net Neutrality Is Explained : Save The Internet

What is you had to pay to make it go away? We often assume that all the information on the internet is Equally accessible ?It is not so simple, but this ideal is the basis...
google new os fichsia

Fuchsia OS: New Operating System Developed By Google In 2018

Today, I really think of exciting technical aspects that I brought here. This day I’m gonna tell you about a new operating system developed by Google called, Fichsia OS. The rumor of Fuchsia OS, which...
facts about ceo of tesla and spacex elon musk

25+ Hidden Facts About Elon Musk Inside The Space

Hey, do you know the real facts about Elon Musk that no one knows? There are many truths hidden in his journey from earth to space. Today, he became more inspiration for millions of...
start up companies from india running successful over a decade

Top 10 Successful Startups In India From A Decade

Today India is getting a huge development in its startup eco-system. These new companies are making their essence felt both locally and internationally.Their moving stories have cleared the streets for business visionaries and enlivened...

Every Facebook User Must Know About What Really Happened With Facebook?

  You know guys, I heard a lot of news about Facebook in this week.Still, you’re in doubt and a lot of queries crawling on your mind like What happened to Facebook? And What is...
android update version in 2018

Android P : Features And Developers Preview Of New Android Version In 2018

Coming to the hottest topic in the tech world is all about Android P. In this year Google has been launched the first developer's preview of Android P, which is the next version of...
cyber crime

20 Dreadful Cyber Attacks That Changed World’s History

Over a decade, Cyberspace becomes an expanding association of mutual interaction with regard to time and time.This has become a new method, but it has negative reactions.Some suspicious individuals, businesses, banks, and government and military...
new technology predictions in 2018

9 New Technology Predictions That Will Transform Our World In 2018

  Hello guys and how's it going. I'm Jayapal and finally, I came back with cool tech stuff. So I thought it would be fun to know about tech news and predictions run in 2018.I...
samsung galaxy s9

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 In 2018

Welcome back to our brand new tech blog.This is the finest day after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. It's been more than a week, after its release, still, people are thinking about it.If...