ARM Announces New Cortex-A77 And Mali-G77 GPU’s At Computex 2019

ARM chips Computerx 2019

At Computex 2019, ARM announced its next-generation processors and GPUs, which is the processor of our future smartphones. The new chips include the Cortex-A77 processor and the Mali-G77 graphics processor. They include significant improvements.

Overview On New Cortex And Mali GPU’s

Regarding Cortex-A77, ARM promises enhanced machine learning and mixed reality experiments with a 20% improvement in CPI compared to the latest generation (Cortex-A76). This is a 7-nm design and, according to ARM, the performance of machine learning has increased 35-fold over the past two generations.

ARM chips Computerx 2019

Next is the Mali-G77 GPU, built on the new Valhall architecture. This should lead to a 40% improvement in performance compared to Mali-G76, with an improved energy efficiency of 30% and a performance density of 30% higher. ARM also promises a 60% increase in machine learning performance.

The new Cortex-A77 processor and the Mali-G77 graphics processor should both end up in smartphones. Although ARM chips are already appearing in devices, as they are usually renamed by Qualcomm and other proprietors. In addition, these licensees may also change the design and clock speed of ARM, depending on their contract.

ARM also announced a new Machine Learning processor, which is included in ARM’s Trillium Machine Learning Project. The idea is to add a Neural Processing Unit dedicated to chipsets. Project Trillium is designed specifically for the smartphone market, for the purpose of detecting objects. It allows a smartphone to identify an element in the foreground and can create a “portrait mode” by computer. These new technologies will most likely appear in our smartphones or laptops with an ARM system by 2020.

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