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AppyCards – the future of greeting cards


This is 2018 and everything around us is ‘Smart’. From our phones to our TVs, and even our wearables. We are using more and more digital content than real-world stuff. But when it comes to gifting and greeting, there’s nothing like that to consider. We are gifting the same things from the evolution of mankind.

To break this prejudice, Believe Labs has come up with a whole new concept, “AppyCards“. Let’s have a brief look at the concept and features of this innovation.

Think of a greeting card in the form of an Android app which has your own photos, messages, and customizations.

Yes, there will be a full-fledged Android app having the photos and messages of your choice! Suppose, it’s Valentine’s week and you think of gifting something different to your loved one. You go to AppyCards, choose the card you want, add photos of you and your loved one, write your own quotes and messages and just place the order. Everything else will be handled by the AppyCards team.

Things have been kept simple and every AppyCard contains 6-7 different screens. These apps are compatible with every Android device and support all screen sizes.

The UI and designs are great and the products are amazing. They have launched their website recently and are getting great response globally. Their recent release “Valentine’s Special” got so much attention on the internet that now their servers need maintenance for a while. But as an alternative, they have provided other communication methods so that no customer has to wait.

Talking about the pricing, they have kept the prices really cheap (₹299 or $4.66).  AppyCards is an extension of Believe Labs, founded by Chahat Gupta who has been a member of our Vinstechs and AppReady team for a long time. And for this reason, we have a special offer for our readers.

Use the coupon code VINSTECHS10 to get a flat 10% discount on all products. You can also contact us for the products.

Website: https://appycards.net

Valentine’s Special: https://www.appycards.net/product/valentines-special.html

WhatsApp orders: +91 8340 421 388

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