Android Q

Over the past few years, one of the most common requests from Android users has been the inclusion of the dark mode. Everything seems to indicate that Google has listened to the requests of users and the arrival of the dark mode could be closer than we think. As they say from Android Police, Android Q would incorporate a dark mode available throughout the operating system.

Although we had been hearing about the arrival of a native dark mode for some time, everything seems to indicate that this could be the definitive one. The news came after a Google employee posted a comment on the Chromium bug tracker referring to the expected dark mode. Specifically, the comment stated that the dark mode was one of the characteristics already approved for arrival on Android Q.

In addition to the above, the comment we talked about referred to the importance of developers adapting all the elements of the user interface of their applications, a change that should be ready by May 2019. In this way, Google would make sure that the applications compatible with your operating system are prepared for the arrival of the native dark mode. Of course, the comment is no longer publicly available. Undoubtedly, this is a movement of the most expected by Android users, so we will remain vigilant to know any news related to the matter.

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