Android Q Beta 3: Bubbles, QR Codes, Live Caption, And Many Features

Android Q Beta 3

On Tuesday, May 7, Google announced new features and services that will come to Android Q. Google launched the Android Q beta for Pixel phones in March, followed by a second beta in April. And now, the third beta is on the way. Here are the latest features caught in Android Q Beta 3.


Are you still using Chat Heads function of Facebook Messenger? If so, then you’ll love the new feature Bubbles feature in Android Q. The bubbles work just like Chat Heads, with a circular floating notification.

Android Q beta 3

WIFI And QR Codes

Sharing your Wi-Fi network password with friends or asking them for yours can be somewhat uncomfortable. Android Q has a new feature that allows you to create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network, or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network, directly in the device’s Wi-Fi settings.

Android Q Beta 3

Undo The Removal Of An App

Have you ever accidentally deleted an application from the home screen and then realized that you can not remember what application was there? It has happened to me. With Android Q, you have a few seconds after an application has been removed to undo the change. You will find the undo button at the bottom of the screen. Press and Go! The app is back where it belongs.

Location Control

Finally, Android is receiving more detailed control over how an application can use your location information. With Android Q, you will get the option to allow an application to access your location information only while you are actively using it. This is not only a matter of privacy but also helps save battery.

Android Q

Privacy Settings

In Android Q, there is a dedicated privacy section in the configuration application. When you open it, it will reveal the various permissions that applications can request for things like calendar, location, camera, contacts, and microphone. Android has lacked a clear way to see which applications have access to what data on your device. The new section makes it easy to discover and revoke permissions for specific applications.

Android Q beta 3

Improvements In Notification Bar

When you keep pressed an alert, it will show you different options to manage the application alert: “Block”, “Show silently” and “Keep alerting”. It helps you not to go deep into the Configuration app to discover how to adapt the alerts of an application. Just hold down, choose an option and go.

Android Q Beta 3

Live Caption

The Live Caption feature of Android Q will place subtitles on any type of voice message you receive, but it has the language limitation. It can automatically place subtitles on phones with that version. Google says that Live Caption works in any app and without the need of an Internet connection of any kind – neither cellular nor Wi-Fi.

Android Q Beta 3

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