Android P : Features And Developers Preview Of New Android Version In 2018

android update version in 2018

Coming to the hottest topic in the tech world is all about Android P. In this year Google has been launched the first developer’s preview of Android P, which is the next version of the company’s new operating system.As many rumors come about the letter “P” stands for.Some may are predicting it as “Pancake or Pie”, but still Google doesn’t announce anything.People are just calling it as Android 9.0. When it comes to Android P, developers snapshot are intended to reveal low-level changes in the OS and APIs.Also, a user can submit their opinions about Android P in developers preview. Today, I’m just gonna tell you complete features and specifications for Android new version :

 1.Indoor Navigation Feature

android p update in google maps

You already know that Google maps became an important need in any smartphone that really runs our daily life.Previously we experienced 3D visual navigation view.To make it more advanced, the company is implemented multi-functions and introduced a new feature called Indoor navigation in Android P.With Indoor navigation, a user can easily navigate locations inside buildings, restaurants, hospitals using Google maps.As the company introduces public APIs for 802.11mc in Android P and used Tango visual positioning service to understand indoor locations.So that users can enjoy tracking indoor places.I’m sure that Google maps have been integrated much more in 2018. It is the coolest thing That I really like on Android 9.0.

2.Notch Display

notch mode option in android p

The next feature in latest 9.0 android version is about Notch Display Modification.Nowadays, mobiles with Notch displays became a very new trend. You already know that iPhone X and Asus Zenfone5 have notch displays.So, Android P is introducing a feature to change notch mode.Thus, it would be compatible with both the displays.

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android p notification update

You already know that notification feature is updating every time whenever a new Android version is released.When we come to android 9.0, this feature looks really awesome.With this feature, one can send auto messages instead of texting. We already saw this new smart quick replies in Google Allo and Assistant.You can see images in the notification bar.As machine learning and artificial intelligence are integrated into this feature.Also, you can see the slider in volume and power options.

4.Security Features

android p new security features

Google took much care of Android 9.0 security features.From Android P, an application will not be able to access its camera, microphone or most of its sensors while it is running in the background unless you do. It is essentially a preventive measure to ensure that bad applications cannot abuse the legitimate permits that have been allowed. It can really stop entering anonymous people to monitor us. Also, Google implemented fingerprint authentication in Android 9.0

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5.Other Cool Features

android p update version features

You can also see some more tiny changes and features developed and induced in Android P. I listed in points here:

  • Call recording feature
  • Supports Multi-Camera
  • Colorful icons in settings
  • Google Assistant is advanced
  • Allows Native HDR quality
  • Change in Transition Animations
  • Default HTTPS mode
  • Autofill in Browsers
  • Edit Screenshots Directly
  • Improves effective battery life

Now, let me know what is your favorite Android P feature.

I think you are ready to try Android P developers preview.Ok, I just provided a link below and you click and download it. Before that, you should have to remember one thing.You will not be able to install the developer preview on an old phone. Google development insights are designed only for its products.This means that you will need a Pixel Phone to display the developer preview image.The blinking of the system image needs an unlocked boot manager.The beta relies on an OTA update with the developer preview of your phone and does not need an unlocked bootloader.So, I think now you understand.Well, here’s the link below to install Android P developers preview.

>> Download and Install Android 9.0 For Developers Preview >>

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As its previous version of Oreo 8.0 became more popular, but still not yet spread all over the world. Only 4 out of 100 people are getting Oreo 8.0 update.Of course, all the Google pixel mobiles released in this year supports Oreo. Therefore, it really takes a year to get Android P completely.

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