Amazon online game streaming platform

According to Global media, Amazon may be preparing to enter a video game streaming market. Jeff Bezo’s company would already be even looking for some developers to include in its new proprietary platform.

The information was revealed by two people who have access to Amazon’s internal planning, and the service can make its debut in the market sometime in 2020. So the e-commerce giant should use the power of its cloud computing tool to compete with other giants like Sony, Google, and Microsoft (PlayStation Now, Project Stream and Project xCloud).

One more thing it is revealed that the company can also make a greater integration between the new streaming platform and Twitch, which was acquired in 2014 for $ 1 billion. For now, Amazon has not commented on the new information. In this way, everything still has to be taken as just another rumor.

Even so, with the evolution of technology and the increasing global connections, it is not surprising that Amazon wants to venture into another niche market. That’s because the e-commerce giant already has other streaming services for music and even Prime Video, which is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors and is even available in Brazil.

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