9 New Technology Predictions That Will Transform Our World In 2018

new technology predictions in 2018


Hello guys and how’s it going. I’m Jayapal and finally, I came back with cool tech stuff. So I thought it would be fun to know about tech news and predictions run in 2018.I think this may really happen at all. In this day I listed various new tech technology predictions you can actually found in this year. So let’s get started.

9 New Technology Predictions You Should Know In 2018


self driving car

The first prediction is about Self driving cars. Last year auto-driving vehicles became a lot of attention. Now, in 2017, self-driving cars have been very careful. You know that Uber has already started in testing a self-driving car. While Google is trying so in making Waymo. But I’m gonna know where 2018 self-driving cars might actually start to look at least possibly until the end of 2018 and its service soon come in real time. I’m not so sure why it’s going to be here very quickly. The self-driving car is completely independent to go on every road, but it can happen in distinct environments. So I think many people think and probably get this service in 2018 because we already have self-driving cars which are not just completely accurate and most of the AI and machine learning is applying. We’re going to see this in pretty soon.

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Okay, the next trend I think we’ll see a lot of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology where we already knew about it in 2017. We’ve seen a lot of rumors about Bitcoin coming out and I completely refuse it. I think alike Bitcoin, new technology on digital will roll up in 2018. I think there will be many new big companies that will enter into this virtual play. And even though I know a lot, there will be many people who are exploring new virtual cryptocurrencies and who will do a lot of experimentation. It will be very exciting to see what kind of blockchain we use in 2018 and maybe even the cryptographic coins start to be used in real life, who knows. In 2018 new bitcoin alternatives like Ethureum, Litecoin was going so high and new coins are introducing.

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artificial intelligence

Well, the third prediction I’m going to talk about is ai and machine learning. I believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will make much more progress than ever. There was a lot of noise about this in 2018, but it’s still making good. Mostly when you know the YouTube algorithm using machine learning to understand what is easy to use. It was a disaster and then they used independent cars with artificial intelligence ai that were better but not yet excellent. It will be much better and we could even see it. Not necessarily in the foreground, where everyone will know the use of ai , but it will soon stay in the background and things will improve gradually as time goes to the point.

These are not only the useful things that everyone thinks immediately. So, a very good example that Google made in early 2017 was that they experimented a chain link fence image. They used machine learning and ai to remove the fence from the chain and reconstruct. They made the image actually looked like humans do. So that’s the kind of thing that I said is going to be very useful, where our brain is very good, but computers are a little lame. So, if you look through a metal fence in this example, our brain is good enough to understand what’s behind it and know what’s out there. Even if there are a mesh fence and computers have not been able to do that, but I think soon it will be possible in the coming days.

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internet of things

Then the fourth prediction, I think we will get many more smart home devices which work on the Internet of things ( iot ). Many of the companies will try and at least pressure for that. You know we’ve seen many new virtual assistants with Google Home, Apple Homepod,  Amazon echo. All the companies are out that even Siri with Apple is awesome at all. Then I think Bluetooth 5 will come to light.

You may have heard about Bluetooth 5 and how they improved the protocol because it is not just about device-to-device connections. It is very clumsy, it will be used much more for intelligent devices that can receive information without a direct connection and possibly even use the local GPS as the internal GPS to triangulate where the positions of the objects are. So when you lose the connectivity, you can directly detect Bluetooth where it is using. This kind of madness, I think we’ll see much more in 2018 assuming it’s more adopted. Already facebook founder introduced Jarvis, a new home-based software to control, remote and monitor everything in a home. I’m sure 2018, Iot ‘s will reach very close to the entire world.

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cyber security

Coming to the prediction number 5, it is related to cybersecurity. Nowadays Digital security is integrated with a lot of attention. Malware attacks and system hijacking became more popular. Since they knew that last year we saw a huge number of cyber threats, one is the Equifax gap which was a total disaster. I think now people are realizing and thinking about the protection of their data which was put in online. To eradicate this issue, a new technology in cyber security is evolved and sure it will pop in 2018.

So, for the most part, I think big companies will push not just to use passwords with some kind of biometric security and. In general, the whole way of thinking has to change to assume that you’ll be hacked into your accounts. It will be pirated and that is why probably the two-factor authentication will make a big play in 2018. We already know that last time Kaspersky protest many devices from Ransome virus attack. The company is still to secure its clients completely from hackers.

Here is the list of technologies improved in cybersecurity :

->Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN)

->Smart Grid technologies

->Context-Aware Behavioral Analytics

->Emerging Data Threats

->SAML & The Cloud

->Early Warning Systems



The prediction number six. In this generation, the evolution of virtual reality headsets for games and movies is one which was already talked about. It is about more than two years ago that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have been launched to the world. Also, many companies targeting World Foot Ball championship, as they are trying to reach people to give a real-time VR experience for watching it. Ubisoft and Nintendo also introducing advanced VR technology in the gaming sector. It would really awesome to play real-life games. I  do not believe that only these companies can reach customers.No doubt, I can clearly say that 2018 will be a big year for VR and AR.

It takes time for the camper to grow, but it gradually increases. To some extent, Microsoft Halolens is one of the best examples for discovering AR technology in a form.  So at this moment, you can see headphones with cameras that you have installed and also have sensors, after which the cameras detect where the devices are located and then plug them into the computer. They can analyze the environment at the front and can use it to understand how you move and it works very well.

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I think the future will definitely make things much easier and it will work just as well with manual controllers and works in real time. By the end of 2018, we can get the use of augmented reality hololens which was a really amazing technology. That’s really what holograms in science fiction should be, that’s what you expect from a field of view that is not quite there and it is more expensive. But Microsoft is apparently working on a new version. Therefore, I think we will begin to see some more features in this range that are not fully prepared for people, but they do.



Well 5G, you’ve heard that 5G will basically be a much faster to mobile connection. Of course, but I think this will not only enable mobile phones but possibly also other connective devices. In the same way that the elements of your house can use the maximum bandwidth of cellular connections that can function in 5G. That is why it will not be so full that you can introduce other devices and really everything is no longer necessary to connect to Wi-Fi, maybe you have your own internet connectivity. It would be crazy to think now, but you know what will happen and in fact, the 5G specification has recently been completed.

Therefore, even if it is not implemented by the operators. Maybe it will be implemented next year, but we will only see it on the devices in 2019, but soon it will change the world. Still many of people getting 5G internet from public WI-FI hotspots developed by QIFI which is new technology. In this year Huawei is trying to launch 5G enabled smartphones. Also, many companies are coming forward to facilitate this technology before 2018. But it really takes a year to globalize.

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high refresh rate

The next eight prediction is about the new development in smartphone displays. This new technology of high refresh rate phone display can change the LED frequency of gaming. I think 2018 have a huge scope of introducing high-frequency update screens. Rumors of this technology were released earlier in this year, but Apple introduced its latest iPad Pro with 120Hz high def screen display.

There are also benefits when it comes tuseng for playing games. This is what Razer is looking for its next smartphone. Razer is ultimately going to release its new gaming phone with the high refresh rate of 120 Hz complete status display. This is the next natural update and we have HDR and all capable high-resolution screens. But the frequency of updating the frets is easy. While in computer displays, there is a high refresh rate of 144 Hz display that comes with LG, Acer, and some other brands. Even more, you can see 256 Hz gaming displays this year.

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fingerprint sensor

And the last ninth one is about second smartphone tech prediction of introducing screen fingerprint technology. In this year you can see the smartphones with display biometric system. I found there was a rumor about Apple was trying to add this feature ion nest release of iPhone X. Maybe who knows how Apple thinks about its next feature phone. I think it would be good if they had both, we will not talk about that anymore. But the fact is, Vivo has been announced its new product called X20 Plus UD having in screen fingerprint and ranked the first phone in the world with this feature. Maybe Samsung also getting this in Note 9 which was a rumor I heard. This made the increase in fingerprint sensors market, which was going more rapidly. Anyhow, this also would become one of the hottest tech stuff you can see in 2018.

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So yeah, you got to know all these new technology predictions know. And let me know if you found any of this stuff. Don’t stop reading this and subscribe to our newsletter to get more interesting things from us. Share your words in a comment box and we can immediately respond to you. Stay tuned and come back to us.


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