9 Best Password Managers For Windows 10 Of 2019

best password manager 2019 windows 10

With the multiplication of online accounts, applications, and various services, it becomes difficult to remember all the usernames and passwords. In the same vein, it is also difficult to find passwords that are secure enough to preserve the security of your data. To simplify everything, it can be interesting to move towards a free password manager and multiplatform.

Depending on the needs, a good manager must have several essential features: increased security, synchronization of data on all platforms or a powerful password generator. In this comparison, we will review the best password manager under Windows to store all the credentials safely.

#1 LastPass: Practical Web Extensions

best password manager 2019 windows 10

LastPass is a complete service to manage all the usernames and passwords. It is available on both Windows, macOS and Linux computers. One can also get it on Android and iOS devices and extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 and Opera web browsers.

The user simply has to enter his e-mail address and a master password. Among its options, LastPass offers the ability to store all passwords in an online vault accessible from the service’s website. If the user chooses the premium paid version, the extensions and applications can also generate secure passwords, automatically fill out online forms.

In addition, the web interface offers an intuitive classification of usernames according to services and associated websites. Such as credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, and various online services. A security challenge also makes it possible to optimize the overall security of the safe.

#2 KeePass: A Windows Solution To Store All Passwords

best password manager 2019 windows 10

KeePass is specially made for Windows devices. It is a free software to store all the identifiers in a local database, secure and customizable. The user can protect the password by using a master password, a key file to keep in the shelter or from the data of a Windows user account.

KeePass offers a host of customization options to create groups of passwords, add new fields or modify existing ones. The interface is however not the strong point of the software. On the security side, it is possible to lock the database using AES 256-bit encryption. A standard that guarantees the best security of identifiers and passwords. A password generator also completes the table.

#3 Enpass: Save Passwords On All Platforms

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Enpass is a completely free and available solution for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and as extensions for Vivaldi, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers. The credentials database is saved by default locally on each device. It can be synchronized via multiple cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud, all protected using AES 256-bit encryption. On the authentication side, the user can use a computer key file or biometrics on compatible iOS and Android mobile devices.

Enpass offers several categories and several models of sites and services online. For each user, it is possible to customize fields and add tags as well as attachments, ideal for attaching copies of papers or images. Finally, there is a password generator and a tool to check the integrity of the database passwords or to find duplicates.

#4 Dashlane: Access Login Details Easily

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Dashlane is an online service for managing user credentials in a secure storage space online and synchronized on different devices. Dashlane is available on Windows, macOS, as an extension for all browsers and iOS and Android devices. It includes the traditional storage of passwords, Dashlane offers to keep secure notes and their attachments. It offers several tools such as the password generator and a complete dashboard to make a security diagnosis of all stored identifiers.

This service also offers a secure sharing of identifiers with relatives and trusted contacts. Only downside, the free version of Dashlane can store a maximum of 50 identifiers but still includes the automatic entry of passwords online.

#5 Sticky Password: Best Password Managing Platform

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Sticky Password is a password manager available in on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is distinguished by its many web extensions under Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, Safari. In its free version, only local storage is available; Cloud or Wi-Fi synchronization is only available in the premium paid version. On the security side, the software offers dual-factor authentication, 256-bit AES secure encryption, and biometric authentication on compatible mobile devices.

Thanks to the extensions, Sticky Password offers automatic filling of online forms. Anyhow, its interface lacks customization options and templates for online sites and services.

#6 RoboForm: Simplified Form Auto-fill

best password manager 2019 windows 10

RoboForm is a free password manager that specializes in the automatic filling of online forms. The software is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS and Android and iOS devices. RoboForm also comes in the form of extensions for all web browsers which allows simplifying forms.

The software supports users of web services and desktop applications. To do this, simply fill out the authentication form as usual and RoboFormwill automatically saves the credentials. It is also possible to save the coordinates and identities of several people as well as secure notes.

Regarding the security of the identifiers, let us underline the fact that RoboForm uses the AES 256-bit secure encryption algorithm. Which makes it possible to store its identifiers locally. You will have to opt for paid versions to synchronize the database between different devices.

#7 Avira Password Manager: Simple And Free Online Service

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Avira Password Manager is an online password management service with robust web extensions to automatically fill out online forms. These add-ons are available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

This tool allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords and to check the effectiveness of each password. Web extensions allow online account credentials to be saved when you type in order to simplify their automatic filling in afterward. In terms of security, its AES 256-bit encryption algorithm is also in the spotlight. As well as dual-factor authentication with the user’s phone number.

#8 Kaspersky Password Manager: Manage And Synchronize Passwords And Documents

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Kaspersky Password Manager is a software to manage, store and synchronize passwords, papers or documents safely in a digital safe. Only downside, the free version of the software can store a maximum of 15 entries, it will get your hand in the wallet for the Premium version.

Kaspersky Password Manager is available for Windows software, Android and iOS applications and extensions for all web browsers. This tool not only allows us to store passwords for websites but also Windows applications, bank cards, documents, and identities online. More convenient for automatically completing online forms. It includes the database that can be synchronized to take advantage of its safe on many media.

#9Avast Passwords PC: Integrated Solution For Saving Passwords

best password manager 2019 windows 10

Avast Passwords PC is a word manager directly included in its offer of Avast Antivirus Free Protection 2019. It is coupled with a web extension to benefit from the automatic filling and saving of passwords during web browsing. It is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and under the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Avast Passwords PC allows you to protect an unlimited number of online credentials, bank cards, and secure notes. The software offers protection of the digital safe with a master password and synchronization on all media. This option is available after creating a free account. Even though it indicates the level of protection for each password, a simple generator is missing.

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