7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 In 2018

samsung galaxy s9

Welcome back to our brand new tech blog.This is the finest day after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s been more than a week, after its release, still, people are thinking about it.If you are still a guy, reviewing and trying to buy it from online then no doubt you might read this.In this article, I’m gonna let you 7 reasons you shouldn’t buy S9 in 2018.

We’re gonna get straight to the information about this Samsung S9. First of all, I’m not an Apple fan, I don’t hate Samsung. There are many good things about Samsung phones and one of the best phones of every year and I’m probably going to talk to you through seven reasons why you did not want to buy it.

#1 Expensive Cost

Firstly, the most thing about is an obvious one. But for most people, it is very important and it is one of the most expensive phones in 2018. Samsung and Apple are again celebrated this year with their new products. Apple is the most common after Samsung. Last year the $ 1000 pound market was broken by Apple and Samsung was kept to $900. It is impossible for Samsung to break Apple iPhone X market value, where it should be a mad at all.

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#2 Similar Design To S8

From looking all the releases of Samsung phones, there would be something looks alike.Samsung is still following the same design, as it’s just copied the previous model of Samsung Galaxy S8. So, there will no such bug revolution in the way this has been changed. It will have slightly narrowed edges at the top and bottom but overall the form factor. In general, it’s going to look normal. It only changed with the actual 5.8-inch display, which has a Super HD AMOLED quad screen similar to that of.

samsung galaxy s9

#3 Similar Specifications To S8

As what you saw on the Samsung S8, 4GB of RAM is again introduced here. It is really having IP 68 water and tidy protection, remote charging and iris scanner again. Precisely the same is repeated as on the Samsung back model. The forward-looking selfie shooter won’t be essential that much moved forward. It’s going to be repeated camera quality of 8mp and ability to film 4k picture. Also, the motivation behind why there’s conceivably still no 4k is on the grounds that the forward-looking camera would require a camera of 8.3 megapixels or more keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to film in 4k. I will simply address what is going to be changed only again to give all of you the data. So the procedure will appear as something else. You will have either the Snapdragon 845 in the American adaptation and the Exynos 9810 in the universal form. Currently, with regard to rough execution, there will be minor improvements, but the ordinary customer will not see an incredible arrangement. Anyway, a crucial aspect of this new processor is the advancement of the battery and the rationalization of the execution of the camera. Something else that will be changed is the unique brand sensor that is currently centrally located and not on the side. There are mixed conclusions about the rear camera, a ton of holes and renderings have shown the S9 to have a solitary camera and the S9 + to have a dual camera. But likewise, if you take a look at a spilled image of an S9 container, it does not recommend that the S9 will also have a dual camera. The case also recommends that the dual camera will incorporate a focal length of 1.5 and that this obviously changes the focal length 1.7.We have seen on the S8 and this implies that you will show signs of improvement in bass performance light and we I will also see 4k video recording at 60 contours every second.

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#4 Battery Life

We are going to break that a bit and get back to its battery performance. Some of them may be negative in improving battery performance by using this new 845 Snapdragon or the new Exynos processor. In my opinion, S9 is not likely to produce the kind of performance that people will score. What I mean by this is every year we hear Android updates, where it will always improve battery performance and, in reality, it is very minor and I think I would like to bite. I would be shocked if it were massively different with the two new processor sets and with the leaks being the 3000 milliamp battery. I think we will still fight with the battery performance and that’s usually why many people will sway from Samsung. This is because their overall battery performance may not be as good as they say.

#5 TouchWiz

TouchWiz or UX, which is the skin that goes on every Android. Most people will usually tell you that an Android stock experience is a lot more fluid and without lag and glitches. The Samsung TouchWiz is getting better every year but it’s still not as fluid as the Android stock and it’s just a fact. Some people will just prefer to stay with very simple things.

#6 Wait For Note 9

The note 9 will come out a few months later and the series of galaxy note really surpasses the S series. I can say that the series of galaxy notes is as popular if not more so than the S-line and as well as note 9 that it will be drawn some month after. There will be a new Samsung phone that is completely different from something we’ve seen before. The Samsung S series is usually released in early February which gives a lot of months for things to perfect and added two more new phones. So, you have all the other high-end flagship phones.

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#7 Craze On Newer Technology

Generally, it’s LG usually launched after the Samsung phones and you have the Apple phones that you have the Google pixel phones that usually launched around September. They have all these months to improve things. It’s potentially unsuccessful with Samsung phones again. Just an idea that you might want to look elsewhere and of course in these months we can get more developments with things like fingerprint sensors under the screens. There are some companies doing this right now. And these four or five extra months between the release of the Samsung phone, the pixel’s release, and the iPhone can give these companies the ability to capture that fingerprint on the screen that so many people have been trying to get. In the last two years, they are desperate for this to happen as these phones may have the Samsung S9.

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Ok, guys, let me know in the comments section below what you think. If this is one you will definitely go buy because you buy the Samsung phones every year or you normally have other phones. From the start, remember that it was a totally unbiased opinion on something that I might think were negatives on the new phone. Comment your words and reviews down here and make others know about it.


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