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5 Simple Google Keep Tricks That Helped Me Get More Out Of It


Sometimes the applications we use include features we do not know, and we even have other apps installed to perform those same tasks. Google Keep is a tool so minimalist and simple that we could think that it only serves to store online post-its, but the reality is that it can be very helpful if we want to be better organized.

For this reason, I will compile a series of features that I have started using lately because thanks to them I feel that this service from Google is much more powerful than I thought.

#1 Archive ≠ delete

If we think about archiving an email, in a certain way we feel that we are deleting it from our inbox. That’s why, maybe Google Keep is full of notes for fear of not losing them, and you only delete them when you no longer need them.

Google Keep Archive

In Google Keep, if we archive a note we are not deleting it, and it is one of the best ways to keep our notes organized. If we go to the side panel, we will see an icon that says “Archive”. Here we will see all the notes that we have archived.

The combination “tag + file” is ideal to keep you organized

One point to keep in mind is that they will keep appearing in the search engine, but through labels, we can keep our notes organized and off the main screen. If, for example, we create a label that is called “work“, the notes that we file with that tag can be seen in the sidebar (inside the corresponding label).

In this way, you will achieve that the main screen is not a chaos of notes of different projects, and so always have at hand those that are a priority at all times.

#2 Select more than one note at a time

If like me, you had hundreds of notes on the home screen, surely you are too lazy to label and file them. Fortunately, you can make this process much faster by selecting several notes at the same time.
.Google Keep Multi Note Selection
In the upper left part of the note, you will see a ‘seen’ that if you activate it will let you choose more notes at the same time. The positive point is that in the upper right area you can perform the following functions on the selected notes:

  • Remove them
  • Fix them on top
  • Set a reminder
  • Change the color
  • Change labels
  • Create a copy

So we can, more easily, add the necessary tags and archive all those notes that we do not want to appear whenever we open Google Keep.

#3 Reminders by location

One of the strengths of Google Keep is that you can set reminders to notes. You can do it by date or choose to activate when we are near a certain place.

Google Keep Add Location

That means that if we are at home and we see that we have run out of green tea we can create a reminder that will be activated when we are close to the herbalist. To activate it, simply click on the icon with a hand shape and click on “choose a site”.

The best thing of all is that the reminders will continue to work with the notes that we have filed, so it will not be necessary that they are occupying space in the main screen.

#4 Add GIFs

Surely, many users are unaware that you can add images to Google Keep notes. In addition, there is also support for GIFs, in case we want to remember our favorite memes.

Google keep GIF add

I, personally, find it very useful to save recipes, since nowadays it is very easy to find all kinds of dishes easily summarized in a GIF.

#5 Draw on the images

Now that we know that Google Keep allows us to attach images to our notes, we should also know that it allows us to draw and make notes about them.

Google Keep Drawing

To do so, we simply have to click on the image and an icon with a ball-point pen will appear in the upper right. By doing so we will enter an editing mode that allows us to draw with different thicknesses, colors, etc.

It is very useful in case we are taking a follow-up of a project, being able to take notes of the things that must be changed in each moment.

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