20 Dreadful Cyber Attacks That Changed World’s History

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Over a decade, Cyberspace becomes an expanding association of mutual interaction with regard to time and time.This has become a new method, but it has negative reactions.Some suspicious individuals, businesses, banks, and government and military companies are using their suspicious plans for cyberspace.These are the 20 largest cyber-attacks in the history of all sovereign nations.

#20 The July 2009 cyber attacks

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These were a series of coordinated attacks involved in Botnet activation. This attack is against government websites and some sort of news agencies of the US and South Korea. Ethical hackers found this is a DDoS  Attack (Denial of Service Attacks) which made hijacking the computers and cause servers to overload. Morethan 50,000 computers from Symantec Security and another 20,000 systems from NIS are being hijacked by DDoS.Later researchers have analyzed that invaders used two servers for cyber threatening.

# 19 Hacking the Canadian government

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The Canadian government has uncovered in new sources that they turned into a casualty of digital assaults in February 2011 from remote programmers with IP addresses in China. These cyber people easily penetrated into 3 departments inside the Canadian government and transmitted ordered data back to themselves. Hopeful in the end they removed the web access of all 3 departments so as to switch off the transmissions towards China.

#18 Flame

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Flame, popularly known as “Sky wiper”,  a modular type of computer virus discovered in 2012.Initially, Flame is used to attack Windows operating systems.Later hackers used it for injecting the virus in some other systems over a LAN. This includes more than 1000 machines from both public and govt organizations.It also resulted in recording all the audio and skype calls, network traffic, and screenshots.Flame also recorded Skype audio and video conversations, screenshots, and network traffic.On May 28 it was discovered by the MAHER center of Iranian national computer emergency response, which was located in the lab of crisis and Kaspersky.

#17 PayPal vs Wikileaks

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In 2010 December, Paypal is severely attacked by cyber thefts after its WikiLeaks issue.The reason is for the violation of their acceptable usage policy.In order to revenge on Paypal’s deactivation of WikiLeaks account, a group people from anonymous engaged in this “Operation Payback”. They initially targeted Mastercard and jumped to Paypal sites.

# 16 Project Chanology

threat intelligence on church of scientology

One the most spectacular war held between the church of Scientology and the anonymous group is The project chanology.One of the copyright posts of a video I youtube made by Tom cruise made this social issue.In January 2008, a group of anonymous people beats a cyber attack on a church of Scientology.

The attack started with a youtube message and dropped a  lot fake email requests. Prank calls and more.It leads a severe technical problem for a church of Scientology.

#15  4Chan

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An English language film website used to post images and discussions of Japanese manga and anime. A fifteen-year-old student from New York City, Christopher Poole opened 4chan on October 1, 2003.because users of the website post unhealthy things, it is believed that its users will be able to get the most massive actions in internet history. Hal Turner became the victim have been rated with DDoS and joined all the way back in December 2006 from his radio show. Yahoo mail account  Sarah Palin ’s who served as Republican vice presidential candidate for the same year in 2007 of US elections was hacked by 4Chan users. Also criticized the use of private email accounts for government work.

#14 Indian Cyber War

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One of the worst cyber attacks happened in India resulting 10,000 government official emails have been attacked.Since it occurs in July 2012, still it affects many people working under the prime minister.National Security Council hides the reasons behind this cyber warfare.It also included anonymous access to gaining military information. NTRO also stated the initiation of  D4 process to secure from vulnerable cases.After this attack, Wanna cry is the next big malware took place in India.

#13 Stuxnet


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In 2010, Iran was highly suffered from cyber attacks. The nuclear center at Nantz has been infected by a cyber worm called “Stuxnet”. But the fact is no one is responsible for its start. Nearly  60,000 computers have been hacked and gained access to Vert Tehran’s centrifuges and locked the nation’s nuclear program for 2yrs. This made Iranian government blame its cyber attacks on other countries, which includes the alleged involvement of hacking of  US in 2012.

#12 The Spamhaus Project

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Considered to be the biggest cyber-attack in history, Spamhaus, a service filter used to eliminate unwanted email, suffered cyber-attacks in which broadband router owners became unprepared participants when their routers were threatened. Thousands of Britons have used Spamhaus daily to determine whether they accept incoming mail. On March 18, 2013, Spamhaus told CyberBunker their sites and blacklisted CyberBunker and other hosting companies fought back by engaging hackers to put botnets, which also exploded at the home router routers and broadband, to close the Spamhaus System.

#11 Citigroup

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Citigroup, one of the largest financial giants in the world, is widely encouraging hackers to organize an attack due to the large amount of sensitive information and wealth that circulates daily in the company. In 2011, more than 200,000 customer details, from contact information to account numbers, were compromised, resulting in a loss of $ 2.7 million for the company.

#10 Hannaford Brothers

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In 2007, Hannaford Bros., a grocery retailer, was accused of a four-month blackout, where more than 4.2 million credit and debit cards and other confidential data were stolen by a group of hackers who installed malware in the stores. servers in the store. databases. This was orchestrated by Albert Gonzales, who also hacked TJX, Heartland Payment Systems, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Barnes & Noble, DSW, Boston Market and Sports Authority. Gonzales was behind the Shadowcrew website where the stolen account numbers and forged documents were sold to the 4,000 registered users on the site, as well as tutorials and tutorials on the use of credit card cryptography.

#09 Operation Aurora

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Yahoo is also emerging from China in cyber attacks on the name calling as “Operation Aurora”.This operation was carried out by the Elderwood group in Beijing, using advanced threats in mid-2009 with links to the people’s liberation army. There was also posted a blog post by Google in January 2010 revealing that it was intended for many countries, including Rackspace, Juniper Networks, and Adobe systems to access and edit their source code repositories.

#08 Operation Shady

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A series of cyber attacks that began in mid-2006, Operation Shady Rat has affected at least 72 organizations around the world, including the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, companies and defense contractors. Discovered by Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at McAfee in 2011, the People’s Republic of China was supposed to be behind that. The operation was derived from the common security industry acronym for Remote Access Tool (RAT) and was behind the cyber attack at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

#07 TJX

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TJX, one of the multinational  American based store and retailer and also the owner of TJ Maxx and Marshalls. It is one of several pirate shops in Albert Gonzales and a group of shadow hackers. They were able to obtain 45 million information from credit and debit cards, which they economically used their millions of dollars in electronic purchases with Wal-Mart. Data breach resulted in a loss of $ 250 million, and 10 of Guangxi and his colleagues were trying to find dangerous situations in wireless networks along the US Route one in Miami.

#06 Sony and PlayStation

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In 2011, the most popular gaming company PlayStation Network is influenced by cyber threats. An anonymous group from cyber world stolen 77 million valued information from the company’s database.All the accounts from the users of Sony that includes credit and debit card details also leaked by a cyber group and these made an estimated damage of 1.2 Billion dollars.

#05 The Estonian Cyber War

cyber war

Estonian administration was subjected to cyber fever on April-27-2007 by the Naxi, an aggregate from Transnistria. One the famous thing after Titan rain is that they utilized various systems,  like botnets to enter and bring down key of government sites rendering them futile. Their technique was complexed to the point that the Estonian government trusted.It also ranked one of the most expensive cyber attacks in history as it really resulted in damaging the value of 225 million.

#04 The Moonlight

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One of the soonest form of significant invasion where programmers infiltrated American computer networks was the moonlight labyrinth which was an unplanned disclosure made by US authorities. It was accepted to be brought about by the Russians in spite of the fact that they denied their contribution in this cyber attack.Hackers focused on military maps and schematics and different US troop arrangements from the Pentagon and in addition the Department of Energy, NASA and different colleges. The assault was found in March of 1988, however, had been continuing for almost two years.

#03 Titan Rain

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In 2004, Shawn Carpenter found a progression of facilitated cyber strikes and what the FBI accepts to start from government bolstered cells in China.Titan rain activists could invade a few PC systems including those at NASA and Lockheed Martin considered one of the famous cyber assaults ever. These attacks postured threats of not only grabbing military insight and grouped information yet in addition made ready for different programmers and secret activities substances to invade those computers again as they exited indirect accesses.

#02 Heartland Payment Systems

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Trusted Payment Processor Heartland Payment Systems also have the reputation of Albert Gonzales’s ShadowCrew, responsible for hacking 100 million personal cards, which cost more than $ 140 million to Hartland. Promoted, the company’s slogan was also damaged, “the highest standards – the most trusted transactions.” Nevertheless, he became the last trick of Gonzalez, convicted of his crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

#01 The Original

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In 1982 October, a weaponless Cold War has been taking place in Siberia.The CIA allegations found a way to destroy the Siberian gas pipeline without using any of the explosions.Instead, they used a computer technology. They made a piece of programmable code that controls and operates the pipeline called “Logic Bomb”.It is awfully difficult to arrive at an absolute understanding of what really caused the Siberian gas pipeline explosion.

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